Saturday, December 30, 2017

Top 10 Posts of 2017

This is one of my favorite posts of the year...
when I get to review your choice of popular posts from 2017.
It's so fun to go back and see some posts that I forgot about. 

Well, lets get started. 
First up we're recognizing the top posts from this year's round ups and Funtastic Friday.

We had a tie for the top round up posts this year...

The most viewed Funtastic Friday post was #116

From back in March, all about Spring
and St. Patrick's Day.
Here's our Leprechaun Trail Mix  from that post.

Now, drum roll for the Top 10 of 2017!

Coming in at number 10 

We also offered printable spice labels with this post.
I was so happy to finally get this cabinet organized and I must say,
it still looks the same about a year later!

Number 9...

Love how it looks next to my Peter Cottontail Board.
This garland is super fun and could be made for any holiday with different colored pom poms.

Next is number 8,
getting us in the mood for Valentines Day...

A cute alternative to a candy valentine for your kids to hand out to their class.
And the cactus erasers are the bomb!

On to number 7 ...

Pop Into General Conference printable reminder.

Number 6 is all about graduation parties.

Printable centerpieces and favors.
This was one of my all time favorite graduation themes!

Half way there with number 5....

 James 1:5 printable.
Two design options, different colors and ASK tags too!

Next, on to number 4...
keeping with our kitchen organizing, 

our Pantry Re-do 
This was a project long over due.
Just love the organization and the extra "farmhouse touches" of metal vegetable bins, 
porcelain apron hook, menu board and rolling wood crate bins.

Number 3 was another way to stay organized...

okay, okay,  I'll get on making one for 2018 ;)

Getting down to the end, 
at number 2....

was our Peter Cottontail lettered sign for Easter.
All the 411 on how to paint the lettering and make the frame.
Love this little sign!

Number 1 on our list......

From our pantry make-over the
These are the best storage bins.
Stylish and so useful!

Hope you enjoyed the count down as much as I did!
It seems like last year y'all liked the organizing, crafting and printables the most.
I'd love to hear in the comment section what type of posts you'd like to see more of in 2018.
As always, thanks for following Building Our Hive this past year--
we appreciate YOU!

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  1. So many great posts! Pinning the Easter and St. Patrick's day posts for the holidays.


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