Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel-Demo Day #1

I've been waiting 12 years since we moved into this house
to take on some updating and replacing worn out fixtures.

It's one of those things when you move into a place
and have a list of things you want to replace, update or redo
and then life gets busy, money goes to cars, college, etc.
But when things start breaking, rusting out
and you finally convince the hubs--
reno begins!

The tipping point was our dishwasher going out.
When they built the house, they put the dishwasher on the concrete and tiled up to it.
The Saltillo tile is thick, about 1/2" and the tile counter hangs over the mounted dishwasher,
so we couldn't get it out unless we removed part of the tile or the counter or both.
 Time for reno!

We could have just done the counter tops.
I wasn't a fan of the tiled tops and wanted a flat surface,
but I didn't want to put new tops on the paint chipped cabinets.
So we either had to redo the doors and drawers or go with all new.
New please in a Shaker style.
And it meant we'd need to redo the back splash.
The pink rose was not my fave.
That was on my list from day one to go.
Hey, that dusted rose color had it's day back in the 90's
and was even one of my wedding colors!
But that fad didn't last long.

And those brassy gold knobs and fixtures had to go.
I know gold is making a come back but,
not yellow brassy, don't do it!

So if we're into this remodel,
we better go all the way...
That hanging glass cabinet has always been in our way.
We constantly would bend over to look under it when talking to people in the other room.

And if I'm taking that out and already redoing the floors,
let's open it up and take the lower cabinet out too.
My husband has always been bugged by that wall with the "eat" sign.
If it's not a load bearing wall...it's outta here.

Heading into the family room,
more Saltillo around the fireplace.
You know that saying with remodels, that changing one thing leads to another...
so true.
We're taking off the tile and  mantle that is really too big for that space.

Might as well take off that shelf on the opposite wall too.
This room has carpet,
instead of putting in more carpet, I thought we'd just continue the kitchen tile in here.
Which means also means we need to continue new tile and take out all the Saltillo in the down stairs.
It goes into almost every area and closets, which is a lot!
We're ready, follow along with our remodel adventure!

You can find some of our remodel inspiration {here}

Here we go!
Demo day #1

They were able to take out that wall by the eating area
and with the hanging glass cabinet and bottom counter gone...
Look at all that open space!
Carpet and tile going into part of the kitchen gone.
What a bear to jack hammer up!
Shelf on the left wall gone too.
Along with the fireplace mantle and tile.

Looing into the kitchen.

Little pup is wondering what is going on,
but she survived day 1.
Check back later this week for days 2&3. :)

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