Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas in the Woods Program

Friends, Christmas is in FIVE days! We are certainly excited in our household and besides a few minor things, we are ready. Here's an outline of how we'll be spending our Christmas Eve. We'll be participating in lots of old-fashion/pioneer fun!

Enjoy dinner at our Christmas in the Woods table.

Following dinner, begin the program. First up, play Button Button Who's Got the Button? We'll probably play both variations. 

Then, the clothespin game. I think my kids will really get into this game. 

Next, we'll make some woodland creatures of our own. I can't wait to make pine cone hedgehogs. It's number 14 on the list. 

After our fun and games, we'll sing some Christmas carols using our pipe chimes. I'm so excited! I remember playing pipe chimes at my childhood Christmas Eve parties. This year is the first year our family will be playing them. I bought our set from Musical Pipes on Etsy. I'm so impressed with their quality. I know these chimes will become a staple at our Christmas Eves. 

When we're all done with singing, our kids will open their new Christmas jammies. After changing, we'll settle down for our traditional Christmas Eve stories. We read the same stories every year. This is a tradition from my husband's childhood. 

Then, we read from Luke 2 as we act out the Nativity. 

Finally, we read The Night Before Christmas. Our kids then run off to bed hoping to fall asleep before Santa comes. 


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