Thursday, September 15, 2016

Refresh and Revamp Kid Lunches-6 meal plans

School is in full swing.
Are your kids tired of the same ol' school lunches yet?
Mine are wanting something different and healthier options. 
Don't get me wrong, they also want a little treat in their lunch too, 
so I usually include a little something sweet. 
I also have teens and tweens who are looking for 
"cool" things for lunch.  
I've got a few ideas that just might fit the bill.
Pull out your lunch box or brown paper bag
and lets eat lunch!

This is a win with my teens.
They love my Turkey Wraps.
Something different from a sandwich and
there are so many options for the filling.
They go for turkey, cucumber, tomato, sprouts,lettuce and the "secret spread".

I'll put some yogurt in the freezer overnight.
Then pull out to pack in their lunch in the morning and
by noon it has thawed out but, is still cool for eating. 
Pack up some granola to go with it. 
(don't forget a plastic spoon! :0)
I really love using these little plastic cups with lids for lunch items.
They come in different sizes and are perfect for the fruit and granola.
Instead of regular pretzels, try pretzel thins, they are addicting!
Finally, for our sweet-- mini shortbread cookies.
Three fit in a snack size bag.

Even my tween will ask for a salad on occasion.
Pack up your favorite lettuce and veggie mix.
Add a cup of dressing and a cup or bag of fruit.

I added in a Pizza Bite or two,
with extra marinara for dipping.
These mini pizza bite calzones are some of her favorites.
I'll make a batch and individually bag up and freeze some.
Then it is easy to grab in the morning for the lunch box.
Add in a little frosted brownie.

Another crowd pleaser are taquitos.
You can make up some of Kristin's Taquitos
or I'll buy some from Costco that are great too.
Add a cup of Mexican Rice.
You can always make a
larger batch of what you are having for dinner (like this rice)
and use some of it for lunch the next day.

Add some fresh veggies and dip, 
along with some salsa.
For a different dessert, 
try some cinnamon sugar crisps. 
Just butter a tortilla, sprinkle with a cinnamon/sugar mixture and 
broil in the oven until it is crispy.
Let cool and slice.  Yum!

 Every once in awhile one of my kids wants a PB &J.
Changing things up by making it on Naan bread.
We like using homemade strawberry freezer jam.  
Kristin has some delicious homemade jam recipes {here}{here}{here} and {here}.

Cutie oranges are great for school lunches.
Try some different veggies for dipping.
Baked chips and a homemade cookie.
You can't go wrong with Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Next time you make a batch. Freeze some to pull out for lunches.
Put it way back in the freezer or they'll be gone!

 How about little cracker sandwiches. 
Add your meat, or pepperoni and cheese.

Veggies and this time hummus. Switch up your dips.
Sliced apples and for dessert, your favorite popcorn.
I happen to be diggin' on this flavored popcorn right now. 

Last up, pasta salad.
This is one of their favorites for lunch.
When it's sports season, 
I pack two lunches-
one for noon and another with an ice pack to eat
after school on their way to the sporting event.
Pasta salad is just the ticket for a pre or post game meal.

Pita chips and hummus are a great addition to this lunch.
For dessert a trail mix of nuts, fruit and chocolate chips.

Hope this gives you a few ideas on how to restyle and refresh your school lunches.
Your kids will love the change up in their mid-day meal.
What do you have in your lunch sack?


  1. I'm going to use some of these ideas for my own lunches during the week! Thank you so much for sharing with us over at the To Grandma's House we go link party! Pinned!

    1. Great! Glad you got some new ideas--your kids will love!

  2. Great ideas for MY Lunches!! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!

    1. I know what you mean, moms need to revamp lunches too sometimes!

  3. Nice ideas and so colorful, too! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!

    1. Thanks Donna! My kids have enjoyed something different in their lunch over the past few weeks.


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