Friday, February 9, 2018

Pizza Valentines with Printable Tag

This year my Valentines have a
PIZZA my heart! 

I've got a couple options for all your pizza loving friends.
Kid friendly with a gummy pizza
or for your teens and older a gift card holder.

I found these fun gummy pizza candies {here}
A kid's dream- a gummy candy and pizza combo!

Print off the cards {here}
and cut apart.
Just hot glue the gummy pizza right on the card.

For my older kids 
--grandma and grandpa too, 
a pizza gift card is perfect!
Just choose your favorite joint and get some gift cards
I used double sided tape to attach.

Gummy pizza cards ready for the middle school friends.
And gift cards for the college kids and grandparents. 
Pizza, Pizza!

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