Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day of the Dead Cupcakes

Our school recently had a Fall Festival....
and that means Cake Walk.
A time honored tradition for any school carnival.
We donate some kind of cake or cupcakes each year
and have fun decorating them.

I went with a Day of the Dead theme this year.

Now, I'm keeping this real...
and used a cake mix and pre-made frosting to save time.

But to jazz things up,
found these cute scalloped edged cupcake liners with sugar skulls--score!
(at local party store in clearance)
And these sugar skull ring pops for toppers.
You'll also need some multi colored sprinkles and frosting gel in various colors.

Sugar skulls are beautifully decorated with multi colored designs.
To simplify this a little, I just used dots.

Dotting over 50 cupcakes got a little daunting,
so I just dipped a few in the sprinkles too.
Mix and match them.
Add your ring pops on top.

For a Cake Walk, 
of course you will never get a pan back, 
so you've got to use something "disposable".
 I've used foil pans, built cakes on foil covered cardboard,
dollar store Halloween plastic platters,
but this year came across this cupcake holder at the dollar store.
It was awesome!
Filled a bunch of these for the Walk.

Perfect for your Halloween party too!

Feliz día de los muertos también


  1. Aren't those just the cutest, scariest cupcakes. I bet they were the first to go at the Cake Walk. I don't think I'd be able to resist them.


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