Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to make a Word Board with vinyl stencil

One of our college girls just graduated this last weekend.
It's that season when we wish all our grads success after years of study,
as they move on to their next adventures.
 and to go out and conquer the world!
I wanted to make my daughter something she could hang up with words of inspiration. I went on her Pinterest boards to find a quote she liked.

I had an 11"x12" pine board in my wood pile...
perfect for this project.
Used my Silhouette to design and cut the quote to fit my board.

Paint the top of the board in the color you want your letters to be.
I'm using black acrylic craft paint.
After it's dry apply the vinyl.
Here's my black board with black vinyl letters (use any color of vinyl)

Take it outside and spray paint over the top with white.
Spray in layers.

Let it dry and then peal off the vinyl letters.

 You can leave the board like this
add a frame.
I've got 1/4" thick about 2" wide wood strips,
cut to fit the board dimensions.
Side pieces are the exact length of the board sides
and the top strips cover these pieces and the top length.

Since she loves blues,
thought I'd paint the wood strips in Indian Turquoise by Americana (craft acrylic).

Attach the sides and then the top pieces
by using a little Gorilla Glue and nailing in place.
(This glue is the best but just use a little,
it will expand when drying and you don't want it to seep out on your project)

Here's to our grads!
Be fearless and set the world on fire!


  1. Love the saying and it turned out beautiful. I've tried this but my vinyl wouldn't stick properly and then I had bleeding under the letters. Any idea what I did wrong?

    1. Make sure the surface is totally dry before you put down the vinyl and press the vinyl down completely. Spray paint in layers and there shouldn't be any bleeding under the letters. If you paint over the wording instead of spray paint, it might bleed under. If painting, make sure your brush strokes are going away from the letters. Good luck! Spray paint has worked the best for me!

  2. oh my goodness!! I love this so much!!! Yet another reason I need Silhouette

  3. Such a great tutorial! I just got a cricut maker for Christmas and using vinyl as stencils is still quite new to me. I bet she loved her board; it's beautiful and such a wonderful saying too!

  4. Congratulations, you must be so proud of your daughter. That's awesome and I love the sign you made for her. What a beautiful wish for her future


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