Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hoping to Adopt

This wonderful family is hoping to add to their family through adoption. They are dear to my heart as they are family. I admire Michael and Annie for many reasons. They are loyal to their family and faith and I try to emulate them in many ways. 
Michael and Annie inspire me to be a better person and to reach out to others along the way. Their girls are happy, bright, and kind and my children adore these cousins. Yes, they do already have three delightful daughters, but as my brother-in-law states, "Annie is one of eight children and I am one of five children - we both love big families. When we were engaged, we talked often about our future children as we both wanted a big family. Although we have 3 daughters, it has been a struggle throughout our marriage to get pregnant. There have been times when my heart hurts that another month has passed and we are not pregnant. We know there is another child that is meant to be part of our family and we look forward to meeting him or her!"

Here is a link to their adoption blog: Michael and Annie

Please visit and share with others! 

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