Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Road Travel Activity Book!

This summer my family is hitting the road and traveling across America to our family reunions out west in Utah.  We will be traveling through a total of 10 states round trip!  Along the way, we will see some famous sights such as Mount Rushmore, National Parks and .....the Mitchell "Corn Palace"!?  To make the trip fun while traveling in the car and to give a learning experience of the sights and places we will see, I am creating a travel activity book.  It will contain information and historical background for the places we will see, maps of the routes we will take, several other maps of the United States to help in learning state capitals and Native American reservations, and of course lots of games and fun!  It has taken some time to put together and I am still working on it!  But, I am excited for my kids to discover and hopefully appreciate more of our trip together.  

My four kids have their own book and they each have the same games and information inside.  The front of their travel book has some silly pictures of things they enjoy.  

Each booklet has a pencil pouch in the front where they have dry erase markers and crayons along with an old rag to wipe their writing off.  I decided to put each paper in a pocket protector so they can reuse and rewrite on all the pages.  

The booklet is divided up by sections- Day 1 to Day 5 and then driving home.  Each section or day has specific information on the places we will see that day and pictures to go with it.  

Since we will be traveling through several states, I have some fun and even silly facts about each state (things my kids would enjoy)- who knew there was a mashed potato wrestling contest in South Dakota every year!  

Each day has a Seek and Find list of things for the kids to look for while we travel such as an RV, horses, or state license plates.  When they find all of the items, they get the daily prize (yummy treat)!

There is also a quiz on the information that they read about for each place we see.  This one is for South Dakota, they have to match the picture with the description.  Yes, that is Bob Barker, he was born in South Dakota!

My husband and I really enjoy maps and we thought it would be fun to include several in this travel book.  Each day there is a map of the area that we will be traveling through for the kids to map out our route and see how we will travel.  We also included some info on each state such as the state bird and flower.  

Each national park, historical sight, or stop has a page giving background information on it.  This one is for the Badlands National Park and it show animals that roam throughout the park for us to look for on our hike-fingers crossed we don't see a Bobcat!

Some fun games that I found off of the internet!  My kids range from 13 to 5 so I tried to have something for each of them.  Some fun ideas for games to include:
Where's Waldo
Find the Panda
Hidden Pictures
Mad Libs
Optical Illusions
Word Search
Drawing Space
Journal pages
Paper Battle Ship
Tic Tac Toe
Spot the Differences

Here is one of the maps included in the book.  This one identifies the Native American Tribes that we will be traveling through.  

Enjoy your summer and if you are traveling, I hope it is full of fun family memories!  


  1. This is such a clever way to break the monotony of a long road trip. This would make it so much more fun. You have put a lot of work into these books and it shows. So glad you shared with us at Merry Monday. Pinning to my Travel board.

    1. Thanks for checking us out! When you are taking a road trip with kids, you have to be prepared! Happy travels!


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