Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tying the Perfect Knot & Simple Flower arrangement

I've been going to a yoga class.
with an awesome instructor.
Unfortunately, this was her last week teaching our class.
She has to scale back as she begins to train for a 450 mile charity bike ride this summer.
She's the coolest, so positive and kind.
I'm going to miss her class. 

I gave her a little vase of roses as a thank you.
I love small vases of flowers tightly grouped.
Fun to have around your house
or to give to a friend. 

 To jazz up the vase, I added some burlap ribbon. 

You can make a simple arrangement 
by picking up a package of flowers, 
small vase (Dollar Store)
and wide burlap ribbon.

Have you ever tied a knot or bow that ends up crooked? 
With the ends of the bow at a diagonal and skiwampus?
This simple trick will help the ends go horizontal with the perfect knot.
Tie your ribbon around the vase.
Have the back of the ribbon go over the vase rim
to help the ribbon to stay in place and not slip down.
Tie once. One ribbon end will be facing up and the other down.

Take the top piece and wrap it under bottom piece, 
going around it and back through the loop.

Pull tight. Perfect!

Now trim your ends.
To make a "V" cut, fold your end in half
and cut it diagonally with your scissors pointing away from the knot. 
Open up the ends and "fluff".


A beautiful little arrangement. 

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