Monday, March 28, 2016

Peep S'mores

What to do with left over Easter Peeps? Freeze them for summer! A couple of years ago my family discovered the deliciousness of a Peep s'more. It is now our go to method when making s'mores. Trust me - a Peep s'more is a superior s'more. The sugar outside coat of a Peep marshmallow almost caramelizing when roasted. You are now left with a sugary, crispy shell that adds just the right amount of crunch to the s'more. This crispy, sugar shell also protects the gooey, warm marshmallow which will melt in your mouth at first bite. It is sooo good! So, run out to your store. Go! Buy all the Peeps you want on clearance. They cost close to nothing right now. I bought my boxes of Peeps this morning for 50% off! Then, return home. Place your Peeps in the freezer and dream about the perfect s'mores you'll be tasting this summer!

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