Friday, February 19, 2016

Confetti Topper and Birthday in a Box

If you have someone you love who is far away on their birthday
send them a birthday in a box!
One thing to be sure to include is some confetti
with our cute "Hip Hip Hooray!" bag topper.

You can print them here: {Hip Hip Hooray!}

Cut out, fold and staple over the existing confetti label OR
I put the confetti in another zip closed bag (3x4) and
stapled the topper on.

Now for your fun birthday box!
Along with your gifts, add things for a celebration!
My college daughter is turning 22 on 2/22
-she's calling this her golden birthday.
So I'm sending everything in gold.

Mini cake topper
Hip, Hip Hooray! confetti
A mini chocolate cake 
(just some kind of cake to put the candles in--Ding Dong, Twinkie, cupcake in container, etc. 
You could also substitute the cake for a cake mix and can of frosting)
Tiara or party hat
Noise makers
Tassel Banner (could make your own {here})
Gold rock candy
Birthday card
Other things you could include:
silly string
crepe streamers
Bottle of Bubbles
party trinket prizes

I think this box will be a winner!
A fun way to celebrate when you're far away.
"Don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22!"
Happy Birthday!


  1. This is so cute and smart! my brother will be spending his first birthday away from home next month after moving to Boston, so I definitely want to send him something fun!

  2. Something special when you are far from family. He'll love getting it! Thanks for the comment Morgan :)

  3. What a great idea! I know my daughter would love something like this!

    1. We brought some confetti bags to dinner so guests could take them to the graduation ceremony--so fun!

  4. Cute idea. Great for those college kids living away from home. Thanks for sharing at To Grandma's House We Go.

    1. Perfect to slip into a birthday care package! Thanks for stopping by!


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