Friday, January 22, 2016

Valentine's Love Sign

This Love Sign was really fun to make and it is a fun way to decorate for Valentine's Day!  The heart pops out which gives a fun look!

What you will need:

Wood Block (I used an 11X7 inch board that was 1 1/2" thick), Wood Drawer Pull, Sand Paper, Mod Podge, White Paint, Several pieces of Craft Paper, Ribbon, Glue and Glue Gun, and lettering (if desired).  

Sand your board to get  the rough edges off.  Add a little paint to a bowl and thin it with some water to make a white wash to paint the board.  Paint the board and wooden drawer pull and allow to dry.

Select paper to cut hearts out of, cutting each a little smaller then the last.  I chose to use 5 different pieces of paper to build out my heart.

Mod Podge your board and drawer pull entirely.  Next, after the board is dry, Mod Podge your largest heart flat onto the board.  Allow to dry.

While the board is drying, I Mod Podged my paper hearts to make them more durable and stronger so they could stand out better when I curled them out.

Once your large heart and board are dry, start gluing on your other hearts one at a time, only in the center of each heart and gently bending the edges up.  This will make the hearts pop out and create a kind of 3D effect as the edges could stand out.  

I had some glitter letters that I bought at Micheal's awhile back that I thought would be cute to add at the bottom with a little glue.  Attach your drawer pull up top with glue and finish with a bow!

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