Valentine Board

Will you be my valentine?
Check out our newest holiday board.
You'll need:
a 4'x5" pine board
5" letter stencils
wood stain
stencil brush, painters tape, rag, gloves
Craft acrylic paint: we used Americana Snow White and Razzle  Berry

Just follow the directions from the from one of our other holiday boards:

You can even put it on the back of a board you have already made. 
Saves storage space!
Before you start, lay out your letters.
It's a tight squeeze to fit "Valentine" on the board
and you want to make sure you know how to space the letters so they all fit.

You can even embellish your board a bit.
I tied some bakers twine and a heart ornament on mine.

With or without the added heart,
love this little sign by my front door.
Happy heart day!



  1. I could use a new sign not that Christmas is put away. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. These holiday boards have been so fun to make this year. A real statement piece by your font door. Thanks for commenting Kristie!

  2. This is a really cute sign. And it makes quite a bold statement too!

    1. I love putting it out by my front door. It catches your eye right when you pull up front. Thanks Mary!

  3. Ladies I am hosting a Valentine's Day link party and would love to have you add this gorgeous sign to the party. It runs for a month and is on my blog under the Valentine's Day Wooden Gift box.

  4. love this and I am envious I do not have a board like this I have fall, winter, welcome and now I want one like this thanks for sharing
    come see us at

    1. You can easily make one for Valentines and then put something for Easter or Summer on the back and you'll have 2 holidays in one!

  5. Great looking sign! Thanks for linking up at Friday Favorites. I'm featuring you this week.


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