Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday Things to Do Idea Bucket

We reserve Sundays for church, family, rest--
trying to keep it a holy day.
Every once in a while, the kids might say "I'm bored and don't know what to do".
(Not a phrase you want to say to a mom,
 'cause she'll always come up with something for you to do!)
To help our Sundays be "called a delight",
I made up this bucket, filled with some ideas
of what the kids CAN DO on Sunday.

Some of the ideas include:
Play a game
Read a story from your family history
Bake a treat for your family or someone else
Call a Grandparent
Read a church magazine
Go on a walk
Organize photos
Play an instrument
Invite a returned missionary to come over and tell you about their mission

The bucket holds 25 ideas.
You could add even more of your own!

You'll need:
A little metal bucket
25 large Popsicle sticks
2 pieces of scrapbook paper

If making it as a gift:
1 cellophane bag
ribbon or tulle

Print off the can label and "delight" tag from page one
Print the idea labels from page two
at our link below:

Cut out the can label,
I'm using this cute paper punch, but you can just cut out a square.
Then I ran it through my sticker maker
and put it on the bucket.
You could also use rubber cement to stick it on.

Next, just cut out the idea strips of paper and glue them on your sticks with Elmer's glue.

I have a friend who is not the same religion as me
but still wanted to make her family's Sundays more meaningful.
 She love this "I can do" bucket.
It was just what she was looking for.
She is using almost all of the same idea sticks and then adding in a few more of her own.

It's a fun gift to give to a friend.
After you put it together, 
slip it into a cellophane bag.
Cut out the "delight" tag and mount on card stock.

Punch a hole in the tag corner
and tie it at the top of the bag with tulle or ribbon.

We're ready for next Sunday!

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