Happy New Year Board

Welcome in the New Year with this fun board.
Put out by your front door or inside for a party.  

You'll need:
one 4 ft.x 5" wide pine board 
(at the hardware store it will say it is 4'x5" but it actually measures 5 1/2" )
gold, black, white craft acrylic paint
wood stain (rag and gloves)
5" letter stencils and stencil brush
sander or sand paper

Paint one side of your board white.
I'm using Americana Snow White.
Stencil on your letters.
Put your "N" about 3 1/2" down from the top of the board.
I love this Martha Stewart Metallic Gold paint.  
A lot of gold paints are light, but this is darker and a really pretty, sparkly gold.
After your letters are dry, lightly sand your board and stain.
Wear gloves when staining.  
I like using Minwax Early American
I didn't use that much stain. Didn't want to dull the gold. 
(you could also stain the wood after painting the white and then move on to the step of adding your letters)

With the eraser side of a pencil, dip it in paint to make the dots on the top and bottom of your board.
I'm using the gold, Snow White and Martha Stewart's metallic Gun Metal paint.
(you could also use an acrylic black instead)
Let your board dry over night. 

Ready for New Year's Eve and January 1!
 Wishing you all things good in the New Year!!

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  1. Happy new year! I'll be featuring you this week! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's house we go link party.


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