Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bottled Pines and Placecards

I was in Pottery Barn a few weeks ago 
and saw these very cute pine tree in a bottle place cards.
I knew these would be perfect for Christmas Eve dinner.
As usual, I thought, "I can make that!"
This is my knock off version.

You'll need: 
Mini bottle brush pine trees
(amazingly, this was the hardest thing to find but I finally got some {here}
powder snow
strong adhesive glue
spiral ornament hangers

Put a large dot of glue on the bottom of your tree
and stick in the bottom of the jar. 
Let them dry for a few minutes.


Roll up a piece of paper into a cone.  This will be your snow funnel.
Add the snow.  It just takes a little.  


We've got a snow covered forest!
Now for the top.
Make sure to buy these curled ornament hooks
(saves you time and they are curled perfectly).


At the bottom of the outside curl, bend the wire, so it goes straight down.
Then cut off the hook on the opposite end.

You're going from this to this.

I dipped the end of the wire in a little of the glue we used earlier and poked it into the cork.

I have to say, these are the cutest!
Just print off or write out your name cards and stick them in the wire curl.

So excited about using these on Christmas Eve!

I really love bottle brush trees.
Since I had some extra in the pack,
went ahead and made some larger bottles to decorate around the house
and give as gifts.


  1. You did a great job! These are so cute! These card holders would of been really cute at the wedding party we just went to.

    1. Thanks! What a great idea to use them at a wedding!

  2. These are so cute! Love that it can double as a party favor too!

    1. Thanks Paola! Guests for Christmas Eve dinner will be able to take one home. I'm making some larger bottles for gifts too.

  3. These are sooo cute! I love the idea of using them as place cards. Thank you so much for the inspiration and linking up at Friday Finds! :)

  4. Thanks Aki! We love being a part of Friday Finds!

  5. these little trees are so cute! love love love! and need!! thanks for the tute and sharing at the Christmas in July party!

  6. I can't wait for Christmas to roll around again so I can display these fun trees in a jar. Thanks for checking us out!

  7. These are so simple and perfect! This is one of my feature faves for this week's Funtastic Friday party ;)

    1. Thanks Angie for choosing us as a feature. I love these little trees in jars too!


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