Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Dishcloth Apron

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude (along with cooking and baking). So, why not treat yourself to a new apron this year? Or, better yet, why not treat the one hosting you and your family for Thanksgiving dinner with a new apron?! It would make for a nice gift of gratitude.

I had a lot of fun making this apron for my mom who is hosting my family for Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks. I can't wait to give it to her! I'm sure the apron will come in handy when we all find ourselves working away in the kitchen together. I may just have to make myself a new apron as well!

Dishcloth Apron

One dishcloth measuring 28 inches by 28 inches (We found a package of two at Jo Ann's.)
Thanksgiving/Fall print fabric
Ric Rac

The dishcloth is a funny length so I ended up cut off 7 inches from the top. The newly cut top edge is where I'll sew the apron's ties. 

For the apron's bottom, I sewed a wide brown polka dot ribbon along with some ric rac. 

Now to work on the waist ties. I cut a long strip of material measuring 6 inches by 2 yards (or 72 inches). 

I then made a small fold on both sides of the material and ironed. This will give the tie's sides a nice clean edge when sewed.

I folded the tie's ends by tucking the excess material in the fold to form an angle and pinned for sewing.

Now, fold the entire tie over the dishcloth so you have about three inches of tie on either side of the apron. Pin and sew.

To add some more Thanksgiving spirit to the apron, I decided to cut out two large acorns. I searched for "acorn template" on the Internet and a bunch of images popped up. I chose an image that was the size and shape I liked. I used this as my pattern to cut out two acorns from some other Fall material. I also hand stitched a ribbon across the acorn to divide the top and bottom. I used embroidery thread to stitch the ribbon. I used long stitches to keep with the simple, country feel of the apron.

Next, position your acorns on the apron and with embroidery thread, sew the acorns on.

And, you're done! Like I said, this apron was a lot of fun. Basically, you are just decorating. There are so many autumn fabrics and ribbons that you can come up with countless ways to personalize your own Thanksgiving apron. Here's a look at the apron with the tie in the back.

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