Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mason Jar Caddy

I'm pretty excited about this mason jar caddy!
It holds five wide mouth jars.
I can't wait to use it on our Thanksgiving buffet
 to hold the knives, forks, spoons and napkins,
plus the extra jar for fresh flowers or chocolate candies!

To make your own, you'll need:
one piece of pine, 5 1/2" x 19"
two pieces of pine 5 1/2"x 4"
4 popular wood pieces 1/4" x  1 1/2"x 20 5/8"
nails, wood stain, glue

Put a few dabs of glue on the end of your long pine piece. 
I like using Gorilla Glue.  This glue expands as it dries so just use a little!
Nail in one of your side pieces (4x51/2")
and then the other.

 Put some glue along the bottom edge 
and on side as shown. 
 Place a wood slat matching bottom edges and center.
Nail on. 

Glue and nail on a slat above the last one.
matching top edges. 
Do the same to the other side.

You've built your caddy!

Next, you'll want to stain your wood.
I'm using Minwax Dark Walnut.
You can leave it like this or add some cute handles.
I picked up these at Lowes for about $3 each handle.
(You can stain the wood before or after you add the handles, 
but it is a little easier before.)


 For Thanksgiving or any party.
Fun little caddy for all your silverware.

Or to just hold fresh flowers.

I'm lovin' this mason jar caddy!! 


  1. Pinned! This is darling! Can't wait to make one!

  2. Thanks Kristie! I'm really excited to use mine for Thanksgiving this year. :)

  3. What’s fantastic idea!

  4. Pinned! What a great idea for tableware or a centerpiece.

  5. So adorable. I have an old draw from a seed catalog and I think I could make this, although it's currently in storage . pinning


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