Monday, November 23, 2015

Letters to Santa

I know, I know we haven't even officially celebrated Thanksgiving yet and here I am talking about Christmas! But, I wanted to let you all in on a way your child can receive a letter from Santa Claus! Santa sure gets a lot of letters this time of year from good boys and girls. He definitely needs some help. So, the elves in Santa Claus, Indiana, do just that! They help Santa read all the letters and make sure he writes everyone back. My children wrote Santa a couple of years ago and each received a letter! Each letter was unique and included some sound advice. For example, my son was told, "I hope you remember to obey your parents, share your toys and say your prayers every day." Great counsel, Santa! We love these letters so much that my children decided to do it again this year. We dropped their wish lists in the mail last week. If your child wants to write to Santa, here's the website. The address is included. Be sure to write right away. The earlier you send off your letter, the better your chances are at getting a letter in return. Writing letters to Santa might just be the activity you're looking for this weekend!

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