Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Urn

Create a great look for your front door by making a Fall Urn.  This is a great time to dig out your old and dying flowers from a front pot and turn it into a showpiece!  These urns can be as involved as you like and made with what you can find in your front yard!  Here is my simple solution from my front porch.  

Clean out a large pot.  My summer flowers were ready to go!  Once you have cleaned them out, have your kids join you as you hunt around your yard for pine branches, colorful leaves, pine cones, branches, or even use some realistic silk foliage.  

Layer your urn with what you find.  I used pine branches first.  They will stay green for awhile even though cut and make a great full base. I placed one branch on each side and then an extra at one of the angles of the pot for interest.  

Next, layer some color in.  I am using maple leaf and oak leaf branches from our trees.  If you do not have autumn color leaves, you could use some flowers such as hydrangeas from your yard or interesting squash.  Use a couple different tree branches or flowers. and layer them in the front of your pot.

Find a great pumpkin to place in the middle of your urn or perhaps you could stack several pumpkins to add height!  I love the wild and colorful look!  

 Your front porch is ready for Autumn and this beautiful harvest time!

Some other fun ideas to make your front porch ready for autumn: use colorful mums, unique pumpkins on stairs, corn stalks by your door or around a tree, large signs ( not just for indoors), and of course a great fall wreath for your door.  


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