Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Printable be THANKFUL Banner

November is all about 
pumpkin spice, 
Autumn leaves,
 friends, family 
and counting your blessings. 
Remember to be THANKFUL with this printable banner.  

Supplies you'll need are:
5 sheets of scrapbook paper
5 sheets of card stock
1 package double fold 1/2" bias tape
Elmers glue/sewing machine/scissors

I'm using brown bias tape and card stock.  
Five different scrapbook papers that you can find {here}.
Print off your banner flags: 


Make sure to print page one on regular computer paper,
this is your triangle pattern for the card stock.
Print pages 2-5 on your scrapbook paper.  
You can use one design of paper or choose five different, like I did above.
It's set up to print so that when you put your banner together,
 your letters will alternate, each on a different color paper.

Cut out your 9 card stock triangles and cut out your letter flags.
Glue the letter flags on top of the card stock, 
matching top edges.

Stack your flags in the order you will be sewing them.
Measure in 10" on your bias tape and insert the first flag.

Back stitch and sew right down the middle.
Insert the next flag about 1/4" from the last.
Continue on until the last flag is in.
Back stitch, measure 10" and cut the bias tape.

This is one of my favorite banners.
I hope you'll make one for your home.
I've shared these with friends, family, college students and missionaries.
What are 3 things you're thankful for today?


  1. Such a great idea to create a banner that reminds us to be thankful. My 3 things? A thoughtful husband, a supportive family, and a comfortable home. All these things make me pretty thankful!

    1. Thanks Jelica for sharing what you're grateful for. I'd have to say for me it would be faith, family and our health. Enjoy this month of gratitude!


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