Monday, October 5, 2015

3 Quick Halloween Family Activities

Here are three quick Halloween family activities that my family enjoys. Lots of fun and little work. These activities are perfect for a Family Home Evening or when you just want to do something festive together.

1. Tootsie Pop Ghosts

These ghosts have been around for ages. I even remember making them as a kid. But, here are some ideas that you may not know. First, instead of using a napkin, use white coffee filters. My friend gave me this idea a couple of years ago and it has made a big difference. The filter is durable and the ghosts keep their shape. Using white yarn, tie the filter around the Tootsie Pop. We like to decorate our front yard's trees with the ghosts. Even with rain and wind, our ghosts still look great Halloween night. Those filters sure are strong. Also, with white thread and a needle, make a slip knot over the top of your ghost by stitching through the filter. Then, once the knot is make, tie the two ends together and you have a loop to hang your ghost. I used to just tie my thread around the ghost's neck, but then my ghosts were always hanging upside down. Now, the ghosts are upright and flying!

I love seeing the variety of ghost expressions my kids draw. Some are happy, spooky or scary.

2. Footprint and Handprint Ghosts 

When my kids were younger, I traced their foot and hand on white card stack to make ghosts. I then glued the white prints on black card stock to give the ghosts a nice border. To this day, my kids still admire how tiny their feet and hands once were as we mount tack them up on our kitchen wall for the month of October. These little ghosts are keepsakes and an easy, cheap way to decorate your home. 

I'm definitely my mother's daughter. As a child, my mom saved our special holiday projects we made as kids. She stored them with the other holiday decorations and brought them out each year to garnish the walls around our kitchen table. It was always so exciting to come home and see our art work hanging up. The projects brought back so many happy memories and my siblings and I would talk about who made what, how old they were when they made it and any story associated with the art work. Even when we stopped making holiday projects, my mom still brought our grade school items out to display. Some of those pieces of art got pretty old!  Today, I do the very same thing. Each year I save a Halloween project or two of my kids and add them to the collection. (I do this for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.) Then, using mounting putty, I decorate the kitchen walls around our kitchen table. Just as I did as a child, my kids love looking at and reminiscing over their projects. A special and easy way to decorate!

3. Halloween Brownies 

A yummy way to celebrate! First, make a pan of your favorite brownies. When cooled, cut big square pieces. Give each family member their own brownie square to cut using Halloween cookie cutters. Then, decorate with icing. 

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