Friday, September 11, 2015

Pumpkin Board- Welcome Fall!

Sprucing up the front door area for Fall.
This year to add to my bales of hay, a cute pumpkins board!
I think I'll add a few more pumpkins and gourds to go with it.
So excited to plant some mums in our pots too.  
To make a board for your own "pumpkin patch" you'll need:

one 4 ft.x 5 1/2" wide pine board 
(at the hardware store it will say it is 4'x5" but it actually measures 5 1/2" )
orange and black craft paint
stencil brush, painters tape
wood stain (rag and gloves)
5" letter stencils
sander or sand paper

Paint the front of your board with 2 coats of the orange.  
After it dries, lay out your letters to see how they will fit. 
The M was a little bit too wide. So I cut it in half vertically, moved each side in to make it a narrower M,  taped that together with painters tape and cut any plastic with scissors from the stencil that was in the way of the new letter openings.  

Tape the top or bottom of your first letter P in place with your painters tape.
Stencil it on with your stencil brush.
Repeat with all your letters.  
After it has dried completely, sand the front. 
I like using a hand held electric sander, 
but you can just use sand paper and a little "elbow grease".
I like to really sand/distress it so any knots in the wood will show and the stain can get into those exposed wood areas.  

Wipe off your dust and then stain with your favorite wood stain.
I like to stain the back, then sides and then front.
Let it lay on a painters cloth or you can stand it up to dry.
I'll let it dry for a day or two.
I love how this turned out! Ready for September, Fall, cooler weather and pumpkins!

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