Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Floral Arrangement

Happy Fall Y'all!  We like to celebrate the first day of Autumn (today!) in our family with special treats and decorations.   A great way to bring fall into your home is through a flower arrangement.  There are so many beautiful colors in flowers, foliage, and fruits that you can use to make a great arrangement!  Here is how I created this arrangement along with some tips for creating your own.

I used flowers bought at my local grocery store.  I like to use the small bouquets they sell 3 for $12.  It is cheaper and you can get a variety of just what you need- don't forget the greenery, they usually have a bag of just leaves or branches you can purchase with the deal. Along with my flowers, I used some apples since they are a wonderful fall fruit and some "fake" cotton stems.  These will add variety and interest to your bouquet.  Don't be afraid to mix and match!  Once you have gathered your items, lay them out to keep organized.  

I enjoy using different containers for my arrangements and thought I would try this ceramic pot.  To help guide this arrangement, I made my own "frog" by using masking tape to create a grid on top.  It really helps control the arrangement and can help organize the flowers by placing equal amounts in each large square.  

Attach a skewer to your apple so you can easily add it to your arrangement.  

Start with your greenery first when making your arrangement.  Try different heights to add interest and always trim off extra leaves from the bottom of your flowers and stems so they will not crowd the vase.  After my greenery is added, I like to add my smaller flowers.  Work around the vase, constantly turning it as you go to create a balanced arrangement.  I save my feature items, in this case my roses and apples, for the end. Don't be afraid to trim or start over and  don't be afraid to pull off brown petals on roses or pull off dead leaves.   Remember, your arrangement can be as tall as a least the height of your vase or container.  Better to start tall and trim down!

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