Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School Eraser Place Cards

Our kiddos start school this week! I have mixed feelings. Part of me is excited to have some alone time, but part of me is anxious, nervous and sad. Anxious and nervous because my oldest starts middle school. Sad because the start of school means summer is over and I won't have my family with me all day. As part of our back to school preparations, we have a special family dinner. By our table settings, I have eraser place cards with motivating messages. Here's how to make them. There's really nothing to them.

Buy pink erasers. Then, using a kitchen knife, box cutter, etc. cut a thin slit on the eraser's side without the writing. You want the writing side down on the table. Also, the slit does not need to be very deep. Next, with card stock, print off your cards. I have motivating messages like: You're A+, You're a Super Star, Love You Lots, It's Going to Be a Great Year, etc. You could also use the eraser place cards traditionally and print your guests' names on the cards if you'd like. Now, wedge your cards into the slit you cut on the erasers. And, you're done! Like I said, I place an eraser place card by each table setting at our back to school dinner. I also leave the eraser place cards out for probably the first week of school and put them on our kitchen bar so my kids can read them while they eat breakfast. We've been using these place cards for years now (I can't even remember where I first saw them.) and my kids still get excited when seeing them.

You can also put the erasers by a special after school treat!

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