Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Birthday Banner

For your next birthday, celebrate with our Birthday Banner!
This banner can be made specifically for your birthday boy or girl with their favorite colors and patterned paper. 
I made mine with a variety of colors so I could use it for anyone at any party. 

You'll need:
one package DOUBLE fold bias tape, 1/4"
5 pieces of card stock
3 pieces of scrapbook paper
glue, sewing machine

Print off the banner.  Page one on regular computer paper--this has your pattern that you'll trace 13 pennants on card stock and cut out.
 Print pages 2-4 on your scrapbook paper and cut out.  

You have some bonus cupcake pennants if you want to use them. (you'll have to cut some extra card stock pennants for these).
Glue (I use Elmer's) the letter pennants on top of the card stock, matching top edges.
Make sure you bought 1/4" bias tape.  This is thinner than what we have used before, perfect for the small size of pennant flags.
Measure about 7” of bias tape, place 1st triangle in between fold, sew down the middle until the needle is 1” from end of triangle, leave needle in paper, lift presser foot and insert next triangle about 1/2” (especially if you want to tie ribbon in between) from the last triangle,  sew and repeat.  
Leave another 7” of binding at end of banner. 
Your banner is done.  
If you want to add a little pizazz, tie ribbon or tulle in between each letter flag.
For pictures on how to sew the banner, click on A Year of Banners.  
Happy Birthday to YOU!


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