Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Graduation Table Centerpiece-seminary

Here is a low cost centerpiece idea that I'm using for seminary graduation.  You could use it for your other graduation parties too. 
I'm sticking with classic black, grey, sliver and a little white and gold thrown in. 

I picked up these metal flower pots at the Dollar Store to use as my container.  You'll need some mylar gift tissue (from Hobby Lobby) and ribbon.
Wrap a sheet of the tissue around the can and secure with a rubber band around the top.

Just tie your ribbon around to cover the rubber band.

Stuff a couple pieces of regular tissue paper in the bottom of your pot and add some beans.  Beans are just a good filler when you are using picks. (the tissue helps fill it too so you don't have to use as many beans!)

Ready to make your flag picks. 
You'll need: card stock, bamboo skewers and a mini hole punch.
For the 2015, you'll need: number stamps, ink pad and glitter embossing powder.

First cut out your flags by cutting a piece of card stock in half length wise. I made a slight crease by folding it lightly in half on one side.  This marks the middle for me.  From the crease, measure 2" in and mark with a dot.

Draw a line from each corner to the dot and cut out this triangle.  (You can cut 3 pieces together at once to save a little time)  Now, stamp on 2015.  With the ink still wet, sprinkle on embossing powder.  After you have stamped all the flags, heat the underside of the flag with a heat source (embossing heat tool, blow dryer or even your stove top burner, just make sure you don't burn the paper!)  As the paper warms, you'll see the color of your ink change darker and gain texture when the powder melts. 

Hole punch a couple holes on the side and slide in the skewer.  
Make other flags, alternating the direction they will face.  You could make one with just a cool patterned scrapbook paper, your grad's name, favorite quote, name of school, etc.  Since this is for seminary graduation, I printed out scripture mastery verses that the students learned this year.  (Each year it is a new 25 verses)  On the white flag I wanted to put a scripture verse and found these great s.m. printables {here}.

The pick in the back has a quote about studying the scriptures {here}.
  (I printed it on white card stock and cut a black card stock rectangle a little larger, then glued them together with the skewer in the middle to make the pick.) 
Inexpensive and fun centerpiece!

Add a little graduation confetti.

For the graduation dinner:
light grey,round plastic table cloths
black centers are a long plastic table cloth cut into squares
each table setting had a carmel corn party favor
serving tables had long black table cloths
Grads were given candy leis to wear upon arrival

smoked brisket and turnkey, baked beans, creamed corn, rolls with cinnamon butter, mashed potatoes and white gravy, peach cobbler with vanilla ice-cream scoop--all delish!
Such a fun night.  Proud of our grads!


  1. Thanks Cindy! I've added a few pictures of the final decorated tables. It was a great night!

  2. Hi! Thank you for this great ideas. One question, What size did you use for the center of the tables?


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