Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Easy Peasy Curtains

I'm almost embarrassed giving directions for these curtains because there really isn't much to them. They take no time at all to complete and are an easy way to change up a room. Here's what you need for your Easy Peasy Curtains:

Cheap curtain panels (I bought my panels at Target. Each panel was $10.) 
Other material for the curtain's stripe and accent piece 

It almost seems silly to give steps, but here you go! Cut off the bottom of your store bought panel. You can cut it at whatever length you would like. I cut my curtains just below the middle. Then, sew your stripe to the bottom. My stripes are about 6 inches wide. Once the stripe is sewed on, sew the accent material to the bottom. Everything is just a quick straight stitch. That 's it! You're done!

Here are the curtains I made for downstairs.

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