Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Candy Leis

The "lei" has a long history of representing peace, love, friendship, and hospitality in Polynesia.  They are traditionally constructed with flowers, feathers, shells, etc.  We like to use this tradition at the end of the school year to celebrate the year's hard work and accomplishments, new friendships, and gratitude.   We  make our leis out of candy for a sweet treat for our classes and teachers.  It is a fun teacher gift and the kids always really love them.  We use individually wrapped candy, no chocolate and peanut free, and add a tag on each one that says "thanks for a sweet year".  For the teacher lei, we add bigger bows to make them special.  Have fun and make them your own and your kids will love to help you make, and eat, them!   These leis are also fun for parties too!

What you will need:
Saran Wrap
Candy ( we like to have three different kinds- about seven pieces per lei works well)
Thank you tag

Roll out a long strip of Saran Wrap, I like to use about 40 inches.   Place your candy down the middle, leaving about 1 1/2 to 2 inches between pieces and about the same space at each end.   

Wrap each side of the Saran Wrap around the candy, one side at a time.  The wrap will stick to itself and form the pocket for the candy.

To keep your candy in place, tie a bow or knot between each piece of candy.  

Take each end of the lei and bring them together.  Staple shut and add another bow to cover the stapling.  Now your lei is secure and ready to go.  Add your thank you tag and you are done! 

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