Friday, April 24, 2015

Tissue Tassel Banner

I've been wanting to make a tassel banner for awhile now.  
Perfect little banner for a party.
You could make one to decorate for mother's day brunch. 

You'll need some tissue paper and jute.
I picked up this tissue at Target.  They had gold tissue--  just what I needed. 

Take one sheet of tissue and fold in half  vertically.
Fold in half again, from the top down.


Fold in half again, from side over.

Turn it so the top has all the folded edges.

If you open up the side, you can see how all the top layers are folded together.

Fold this in half, left to right. 

Fold again, left to right.

Take your scissors and cut up the middle.  Until you get 1/4" away from the top.  Don't cut through.

Turn to the side that has some folds and some non folded edges. 
Cut all the way up the folds, cutting through the top.

Turn to the other side.  All these edges will be folded.

Cut down the middle of the fold up to 1/4" from top.  Don't cut through.  

Open up the tissue. You may have two sections that look like this.

Flip the top layers open, so all are open flat like this:

Fold the side over, left to right.

Keep folding over until you have one strip. 



 Twist the center once or twice.

Fold it over the jute and staple. 


You could leave it like this, but I wanted to give it more of a  finished look. 
Cut one of the fringes from the middle of a tassel.

Put a dot of Elmer's glue on the staple and stick down that tissue strip in the middle.

Flip the tassel over to the back.

Glue each side over, on top of each other.  
You'll have to trim a little of the tissue strip.


Some of the bottom tassel fringes will have folds.  
You can just cut these off. 

Love it!

Using this fun banner for my daughter's birthday party.
Stay tuned next week for more party decorations.

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