Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Sound of Music Anniversary

The Sound of Music is just one of "our favorite things" and it celebrates it's 50th anniversary this month! 
 I loved this musical when growing up and still do.  We knew all the songs, My Favorite Things, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, Maria, Do-Re-Me, The Sound of Music, So Long Farewell, Edelweiss, etc. and pretended that we were a part of the VonTrapp family.   Maria was awesome-- gave good advice, could sing amazingly, make clothes out of curtains, was humble and we rooted for her and the Capitan to get together.  It's a classic.  My kids love it too, so we'll be pulling out the DVD and making some popcorn this month to watch it again!
(Trivia: the real Maria Von Trapp has a cameo appearance in the movie during the  "I Have Confidence" song.  She is in the background as Julie Andrews walks through an archway.)


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