Thursday, April 9, 2015

Framed Printable Display

Here's a fun way to display all those cute printables you've been collecting from Heidi's posts. Here's what you need.

What You Need

a table top frame
burlap or any other material
a magnet
a magnetic clip
glue gun
thumb tacks

First, take out the frame's glass and throw the glass away or store it for some other future use. Then, with the frame's cardboard, measure and center the magnet. Once you know where you want the magnet, glue the magnet to the cardboard using the glue gun. 

Next, cover the cardboard with the batting. You don't need a heavy batting because you want the magnet to be able to work through the material. And, you don't need too much batting - just enough to cover a 8 x 10 piece of cardboard. With your glue gun, glue the batting around the edges of the cardboard. You will completely cover the side of the cardboard which has the magnet on it. This is your "good" side. 

Now, cover your cardboard with burlap or any other piece of material you wish. Make sure you wrap the material snug around the cardboard. 

I glued the burlap first around the batting. Then, to make it extra secure I added some thumb tacks around the edges. 

Next, place the covered cardboard back into your frame. 

Here's the front. Almost done! 

Now, just stick on your magnetic clip. The magnets are strong enough to hold through the material. Love it! 

Here's what it looks like when you add a printable. 

When you want to switch out your printable, just take the clip off and make the switch. You then just pop the magnet clip back on. Super easy!

This project really takes no time. From start to finish it took me 30 minutes. I love the finished product! It is on our end table in our family room and a constantly glance over at it and think to myself, "I LOVE IT!" 

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