Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Table Centerpiece Ideas

Setting your Easter table is so much fun.  Here are a couple ideas to celebrate the season and add beauty to your Easter feast.  
-Add natural touches such as moss, wood trivets, rocks, and of course flowers. It is a great time to bring in natural looks with the changing of the seasons.  Michael's has this new fake moss that is on a roll like ribbon.  So fun and natural looking and makes a great table runner.  
-Add Spring colors, I used brightly colored chocolate eggs.  They pull double duty acting as a favor at the end of the meal as well as a bright decoration.  I got mine at World Market.
-Use "real" when you can.  I love fresh flowers and use them whenever I can.  I am using fake flowers here which look lovely ...but I still might swap them out!
-Make sure there is something interesting on all sides of the centerpiece-everyone wants to see your creation!  I like to work with diagonals.  If I place something on one end at a 4 o'clock position, I place something else at a 10 o'clock position to balance the table.
-Add different levels to your centerpiece to make it interesting, but don't go too high.  Sit down at the table and make sure everyone seated can see over your design.  That way everyone can talk comfortably.
-Mix woods with glass or baskets with tin or something rustic with something more contemporary.  It makes a more interesting look.
-Know when to stop.  After I added  some decorations, I took some out.  
Happy Decorating!

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