Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Changing out Light Fixtures

Our home is over 20 years old and when we moved in it had all these brassy gold fixtures. 
Not my favorite.  We have been slowly (very slowly) updating them.
I've just been waiting to change out the light in the laundry room.
Found this cute light at Home Depot, that kind of reminded me of a school house light.
I picked it up on sale last January, thinking it would be a quick weekend project for my husband.  Well, he's been super busy, so it sat. 

He recently went out of town.  And for some reason, whenever he's gone, I get the itch to do some kind of project---  I've never done it before but thought, "why couldn't I change out the light"?
Totally doable!  Here are  a couple tips when changing out a light fixture.
Make sure the light switch is turned off!  Don't want any "shocks"!
Also, light fixutres usually have a black wire, copper wire and white wire coming out of them.  You have to match these colored wires to the same colors coming out of the ceiling.  But I had two white and a copper wire coming out of my ceiling.  I took some masking tape and marked each wire out of the ceiling with the color of wire that was hooked into it.  Then after I unhooked the old light, I knew exactly which wires from the new light to connect to the ceiling wires.
Just follow the directions included in the box for your new light. 
It won't take long to hook up.
I love the look of this fixture in the tiny space.  And it's much brighter than the other light.
These small updates can change the whole look of a space. 
What have you updated in your house lately?

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