Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You are one of my favorite "PEEPS" printable Bible tag

What's Easter without Peeps?  
Bag up some of these little chicks to give to a friend or your class.  
Each year it seems like a new flavor is introduced. 
 This year I found blue raspberry and green sour watermelon. 
I made up these bags for my seminary class
 It's a fold over tag.  On the back it lists the Bible scriptures that give the Easter account.

Print of your {Peep fold over tag}

Cut out and fold.  I used a 4"x 6" zip close bag from a local craft store.
 Mixed and matched my Peeps. When you pull apart the chicks, the marshmallow can get pretty sticky.  Just dip that side in a little white sugar to make it easy to handle and slide into the bag.

Put the end of the bag in the card fold and staple closed. 

Something sweet to eat while you read the about the Savior's resurrection and atonement.  

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