Friday, March 27, 2015

Make your Own Signs- transfer lettering and Frame

Have you seen the new Cinderella movie?  We went on opening day over spring break and loved it!  Disney did a great job capturing the story without making it "cheesy".  Amazing costumes, settings, acting and animal special effects.  
Cinderella's mom gives her some good words of advice: 
to have courage and be kind.  
After the movie, I knew I had to display that motto at home and had just the right place to put it.  

First print out the words on your computer, using the fonts you like. 
I wanted it big, so printed it out on three papers, taped them together and cut out around. 

Cut a piece of wood to fit.  I'm using 1" thick pine.-- 11 1/8"x 14".  (At the hardware store they will call this 12" wide but it is always a little smaller (11 1/8") it comes in lengths of 4' to 10' and they will give you at least one cut for free)

Paint your background color on front and sides.   
I'm using Americana Bahama Breeze.

After it is completely dry, lay down your wording and tape the top with painters tape.  
Use a piece of carbon paper and slip it underneath. 

Trace around the letters with a pencil. A copy of your tracing will now be on the board.

Paint in your letters.  I'm using Americana White with squared tipped brushes.  Dip your brush in water often to thin out the paint a bit.  It makes it easier to paint.  You can go over areas that are too thin with another coat just in that spot. 

Next, distress with a sander or sand paper.  And stain with wood stain.  My go to stain is Minwax Early American. Wear latex gloves and use a cloth to rub on and off the stain to the shade you like.

At this point, you can be done.  Just hang your board or put it on a cute metal stand.  
To frame it, you'll need some .25"x 1.5"x ..(it comes in 12 or 24" lengths depending on what you need) strips of poplar.  I bought 2 pieces. You want to have your pieces fit around the quote, with what  I call  a "log cabin" type of corner (like log cabin quilting) where one piece will overhang your board the width of the piece below,  which will bump up to that one.  

The top will be flush with one side of your quote board and overhang on the other side 1/4".  The next piece will bump up to that one, being flush with the quote board and then at the bottom overhang by 1/4".  Do this going all the way around, measure and then cut your pieces.  I painted them with the white paint, then distressed and stained.  

Make little dots of glue across the top.  Any kind of strong hold glue.  

Place the top piece, flush on one side and over hanging the other.   I tapped in a few finishing nails (a nail with a small head)  just to give it added strength.  

Set your nails with this handy nail set tool.  Place it on the nail head and hammer the top of the metal tool. 

It will counter sink your nail. 

I love, love how this turned out!! I'm hanging it in the hallway in-between all my kid's bedrooms. 
When you live with courage and kindness, there is power and  magic ! 


  1. If you live near me, I'm selling these cute "have courage be kind" framed quote boards. Contact me :) - Heidi

  2. So cute, love this saying and sign mucho (: XO

    1. Thanks so much! I love and follow your blog! :)


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