Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Lucky" Treats and printable Tags

Here's a simple treat to give a friend for St. Patrick's Day. I just discovered coconut M&M's and they're  really good!  The bag includes white, green and brown colors.  They also have mint M&M's with  two shades of green in a bag out for March.  Pick up one of these candies or a bag of each.  (I mixed the two together).  Find a cute container. ( I picked up this little glass jar at the dollar store.) Get some ribbon (I used tulle) and print off our "lucky" tags.  (page one is a friend tag and on page two, I'm lucky to have YOU!)

Just fill your jars, cut out/hole punch your tags and tie on with ribbon.  I love the mix of colors in these jars!  Give one to a lucky friend!


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