General Conference Printable Reminder

Twice a year our church broadcasts a {General Conference}.  At this conference you can listen to talks by our church leaders, apostles and prophet.  
Their words are inspired, uplifting, answer questions and encourage.  
You can watch it online, during or after the broadcast and also read the talks later.  
I made up this fun reminder for my seminary students--to watch the conference and find the "goodness" inside the talks,
 those things that speak to their hearts, 
give inspiration and answer a question they have been praying or pondering about.

Print off your conference "goodness" tags on card stock.
Page one is the circle logo and page 2 has this great quote by  Robert D. Hales

General Conference--"I promise that if you listen, you will feel the spirit.
We can hear the word of the Lord meant just for us.
Our faith gets stronger and our testimonies grow deeper.
If you pray with a sincere desire to hear your Heavenly Father's voice in the messages of conference,
 you will find that He has spoken to YOU to help you."

print your own tags:

You can cut out the tags or use a 1 3/4" punch for the circles. 

Put the image facing up through the circle so you can line it up to punch out.

Just stick these circles on the top of a Hostess Cupcake! You can use glue or double sided tape.  I made mine into stickers.  I have this great sticker maker put out by Xyron. (This really inexpensive sticker maker can be found at craft stores or at Walmart, where I picked up mine.) 
It's manual and so easy to use. Just push your paper in until you feel it stop.  (you can see two circles ready to go through) 

Twist the handle clockwise and it puts an adhesive on the back of your paper, sticking it to a waxy paper.  (Just make sure your first image has gone through before loading another to avoid over lapping)

When finished, tear it along the perforated edge.  

Stick those tags on the cupcakes and cut out the quotes.  We're ready to find the goodness inside General Conference!