Saturday, March 21, 2015

Front Entry Re-Do

My front door entry way was looking a little blah.  But, spring is in the air!  Literally, if you look close at the before picture, you can see the yellow pollen that blew in last night with the wind!  I definitely needed to spruce things up.  

First up, spring flowers for the pots.  African Daisy, Creeping Phlox and Pansies. 

Then  a good sweep of the tile and cleaning the windows. 
 I also needed to fix this metal strip at the doorway. A few years back when we had our house painted, this gold strip was painted black.  However, they didn't use a primer first and it soon rubbed off.  This eyesore had to be fixed!  Start by cleaning  the metal and tape around it.

I had some gray primer--used that first.  Then sprayed 3 layers of black Krylon matte spray paint.  

Doesn't that metal piece look tons better in solid black?!  
Picked up this new doormat at Target for just $12.  

The door really needed a spring wreath.  I had this mossy wreath just hanging in my garage.  Picked up some yellow bud silk flowers at the dollar store.  

Each bunch of flowers, I pulled apart in half and then stuck them in around the wreath. 

It turned out great! Quick and inexpensive!

Before and after. 
 hello spring!

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