Friday, March 13, 2015

Easter Egg Banner

I saw this banner a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. Well, I finally made it this week. Better late than never I suppose! I got my inspiration here. I love how this banner is bright and cheery! Perfect for Easter and springtime. I also love the varying color tones of the eggs. They look like they were just dipped here and there in color dye. The secret to getting this look: paint chips!

So, the first step is to head over to your local hardware store and pick out some paint chips. I picked up three chips of each color, but you can do whatever color scheme you wish.

Next, cut eggs out of the chips. I found my egg pattern here. When you trace the pattern on your paint chip, be sure you don't include any of the paint color names. You want your egg to be big enough, but not too big that the color names show on your banner.

Once you trace and cut, you'll get a nice stack of Easter eggs!

Then, with an extra small hole punch, punch two holes at the top of each egg. The punch I used measures at 1/16". I bought it years ago when needing a small hole to add embellishments to cards. You want to make sure you use a small punch so the eggs don't slide around on the banner. You want the eggs to keep their spacing once the banner is hung.

Because you are working with small holes, you'll need string that is just big enough to thread through those holes. I used baker's twine. I actually unraveled the two pieces of twine and used only one string.

With your twine, thread one end through a needle so you can "sew" the eggs together. I sewed my eggs starting from the front to back so the stitch is seen on the backside of the egg.

Once your eggs are all stitched together, hang your banner and enjoy!

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  1. What a cute craft to make with the kids! Love that you used brighter colors instead of pastels. :)


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