Friday, February 13, 2015

Make BIG Buttons and How to Antique Wood

A friend recently had a baby shower with the theme "Cute as a Button".  I love this idea since I'm kind of a closet collector of buttons.  The girls in charge of decorations asked if I had any buttons they could use, (umm, ya just a few).  They also needed some BIG buttons to decorate with.  So easy to make.  Go to your local craft store and buy some routed edged{wood plaques}.  The biggest size they had was about 6" diameter and were only $1.99 each.  

Drill 4 holes in the center, just like a button. Paint your wood pieces in the colors you want with acrylic craft paint.  After it dries, sand the edges with sandpaper or an electric sander.  

Sand as much as you like.  You can leave them like this or antique them.  I sanded a little more on the sides and top with my electric sander.  There are some different supplies you can use to antique.  To give a piece a rich stain look, I use Minwax wood stain.  Early American is my go to color.  Stir your stain.  Wear protective gloves (if it gets on your hands, the stain will be tacky and takes awhile to wear off).  Use an old rag and rub the stain over the wood.  If it is too dark, wipe off with another cloth or too light, add another layer.  

Let your wood dry over night outside.  It will be smelly for a day or two.  
I love the way these turned out!

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