Friday, February 6, 2015

Heart Attacking

Around Valentine's Day our family heart attacks one or two other families. What does this mean exactly? Well, as a family we cut out a bunch of hearts from construction paper. We then write messages like, "We Love You!" or "You're Awesome!" or "You Rock!", on the hearts. Then, it's the exciting part. At night, we carefully post the hearts on someone's front door using painter's tape. We also leave a little goodie on their doorstep. Once everything is in place, we ring the doorbell and run to the car where either my husband or I are waiting to drive us off into the night. Our mission is to be completely anonymous. We love giving some extra TLC to families we know could use some. It's a great tradition and you should give it a try. It's always a good thing to help your kids learn how to spread more love! (Carrie)

Give your Teacher a "Heart Attack!"
My youngest really wanted to get some friends together and "heart attack" their teacher for Valentines week.  They had so much fun making their hearts and planning their "attack".  They met before school and tapped up their hearts.  The teacher was so surprised and  loooved it!  Great idea for teacher appreciation week too. (Heidi)

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