Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Cute as a Button" Baby Shower

A good friend recently had a baby shower for a much anticipated baby.  (We can't wait to meet this little "peanut" and become his or her new "aunties".)  The guest of honor's sister planned out the party and since she was coming from out of town, solicited a little help.  One friend hosted at her beautifully remodeled home, several brought food, the sister brought the games and other friends decorated.  The decor girls found some cute ideas on Pinterest for the theme and I got to help with some of the decor items they needed.  Since the gender of the baby is a surprise, they went with burlap, yellow, grey and white colors. 
Cute mini chalk boards, listed what was available to do at the different tables. 
What a great idea to have your guests write their address on envelopes for the shower honoree's thank you cards! 

 {Burlap runners}-- sprinkled with buttons and  {BIG buttons}-- in the shower colors. 

I loved the twisted crepe paper on the wall.  The burlap banner was found at Hobby Lobby and pre-made, so you just had to stencil the letters on.  

Game stations were set up around the room. 

 This fun game listed things that the future "mom and dad" had done when they were kids.  You had to Guess Who? did each one.

 I love the cup cake stand.

Great cookie party favors for each guest.  Just a sugar cookie-- when you remove from the oven and still warm, lightly "stamp" with the end of a cup for the big circle and tip of a straw for button holes. 

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