Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter Mittens

Here is a fun activity to do with your kids for those cold winter months. First, buy a pair of mittens. I bought our mittens at a craft store for only $1! You will also need felt (also super cheap) and embroidery thread.

Next, figure out what you want to sew on your mittens. I have some stencils from my old scrapbooking days that we used. You can also create your own design. My 6 year-old son drew a pretty impressive basketball for his mittens.

Sew as much as possible before sewing your creation on the mittens. It makes it a lot easier!

Then, sew your felt on your mitten. I will be honest. It is a little tricky trying to get that needle in and out. But, soon you will have a rhythm. Below is one of my daughter's mittens. She used a stencil I had to create a Christmas tree. Love the purple and green together!

Here's my son's. Like I said, I was so impressed with his basketball!

All done! I love how you can personalize these little mittens into something bright and cheerful! They are also really cute and warm on. They would make a great Christmas gift!

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