Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Unwrapping game!

Have fun at your holiday party this year with this exciting game!  Wrap a large bag of candy like Christmas M&Ms in a box and tie on a ribbon.  Continue to wrap box after box with ribbon as many times as you can. Place the large box in the center of a circle.  Have everyone in the circle take a turn rolling two dice.  Once a double has been rolled, that person gets to start to unwrap the gift.  The dice, however, continue to be passed around the circle and rolled.  When another person rolls a double they get to take over the unwrapping of the gift.  Continue to do this until the bag of candy is reached - that is the winner 's prize!  To make it harder, we have only kids 5 or 6 and younger unwrap with their hands.  Everyone else 7 and older has to wear oven mitts to try to unwrap the gift!  Tie on more ribbon or add more boxes to make it harder and more fun.  It is such a fun game and full of excitement!!  

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