Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Greatest Gift of All

Here is a fun game to help remember the "greatest gift of all" this Christmas time.  

Use a toy baby from a doll set or one that you can buy in the baby shower aisle at most craft stores.
This will be your baby Jesus.  Place the baby in a small box and wrap it.  Now place this wrapped box in another and wrap it-continue wrapping in larger and larger boxes.  Try to get as many sizes as you can!  We have had as many as 12 boxes used , the more used the better!

On your final box, add a tag that reads "Guess how many boxes must be unwrapped to get to the "greatest gift of all".  Fun for kids to guess the amount of boxes that must be opened and also to guess what could be the greatest gift. We play this guessing game every Christmas Eve and allow all the kids a chance to guess-it is really fun. Once we open the boxes and reveal the "Christ- child", we turn to the scriptures and read of Christ's birth and have a devotional about His life.  This is a great activity to include more of the "reason for the season" into your holiday celebrations.  Merry Christmas!  

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