Friday, December 5, 2014

Cookie Party

Christmas cookies are a must each holiday season.  We'll be running a series in December where we share a cookie recipe with you every week. I love to try out a new cookie each year, along with making the family favorites.  Host a cookie exchange party and you'll be fully stocked with these goodies anytime you need a plate for a holiday party, FHE (info. here) or even for Santa!   

Tie a cookie cutter to a cute tag with all your cookie party info. 

 Under instructions, tell your friends how many cookies to bring.  (Look at the number you are inviting and ask each friend to bring a dozen, so 5 friends -plus You- would be 6 dozen cookies each person brings.)  Decide if you want your "party girls" to bring baked cookies or just the dough.  I have a cute friend who hosts a cookie exchange each year.  She has each friend bring zip-lock bags with a dozen cookie dough balls to hand out.  Instructions for baking written in sharpie on the front. 

 You just keep these in your freezer and pull them out to bake when needed.  This gives you freshly baked, warm cookies each time.   Either way, baked or dough, you've got a variety of cookies.  
Don't forget to make it a party.  Have a pot luck lunch, visit and even eat a few cookies!  

Check in with us each week at Building Our Hive for a new cookie recipe!

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