Thursday, October 23, 2014

Table Runner and Decor

I love using table runners and change them out for the seasons.  This is what I have up in my kitchen right now.  This runner, I've had for years.  I love the ric-rac trim on it.

You can easily make your own Halloween table runner. 
Here is what you'll need:
table runner 
(I found one at a local discount store that has a slight green tint to it, perfect for Halloween)
Ric-Rac (a few inches longer than your runner length for each strip)
sewing machine

Lay out your runner and decide on the placement of your ric-rac.  I had some of this fun chunky ric-rac, just waiting to be used. :)  Cut it with 2" hanging over each end.  Center one ric-rac strip down the middle.  Then evenly measure your other pieces on either side.  Pin down, making sure you have one pin on each end and pin along each piece from one end to the other.   

Take a match and light a little candle.  Slightly burn the ends of your ric-rac strips.  This will prevent it from fraying when you wash your runner and because of daily use.  It is a good trick to use on any ribbon or cording.  ( I do it to all my girl's hair ribbon too.)  

Fold over the end of the ric-rac behind the runner edge and pin down or just hold down as you begin to sew.  I used a wide zigzag stitch.  A few inches before you get to the end, make sure the end of the ric-rac is folded around the runner edge so it will be sewn down.  You're finished!

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