Thursday, October 16, 2014

Its Pumpkin Time!

Here is a fun craft that is easy and super cute to decorate your home for the fall!  We keep our pumpkins out from the first day of fall until Thanksgiving.  It only requires a few supplies and your kids can help too!

You will need:

-fun craft paper with fun patterns in oranges, browns, reds, or any color you choose
-Mod Podge
-Glitter-if you would like to add a sparkle!
-burlap ribbon or twine to tie on the top
-orange and brown paint
-wood pumpkin cut out

Sand and prepare your wood for painting.  Paint and allow to dry.  While drying, tear strips of scrapbook paper at angles to look like the round ribs of a pumpkin.  Arrange overlapping a bit.  Paint Mod Podge on to glue on paper one by one.  Mod Podge over top as well taking note to push out any wrinkles or bubbles.  If you would like to add some light glitter dust apply now!  Allow to dry and then trim the top with burlap, rafia, twine, whatever you choose!

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